Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that is true for beauty products as well.  From big tubs of creamy lush goodness to tiny bottles of precious captured youth, there are so many wonderful ways to treat, protect and nourish your skin from head to toe.  Today's post is dedicated to just that and features some of my favorites that I (and my complexion!) are loving throughout these to summer months.  

A pH balancing cleanser is an essential step in every effective skincare routine.  This one fits the bill.  It removes makeup and impurities while keeping the skin's delicate pH levels in balance.  I also really enjoy a rich and creamy deep cleanse.  This option  from Drunk Elephant is simply luscious.  

Skin oils are also a major love of mine.  Indie Lee's facial oil is a purist's dream as its 100% Squalane formula intensely hydrates and revitalizes sun-soaked skin.  And with so much sunshine all around us this time of year, a good for you SPF is a must. This is one I've shared before and I continue to use it faithfully.  It controls shine, blocks harmful rays and buffs beautifully all in one swipe.  

Just like our bodies, our facial muscles also benefit from a little massage.  This jade roller works beautifully with this emerald oil to get your glow going.  I can't say enough about how impacting these small steps are when it comes to seeing major improvements in your skin.  I love the results they've given to mine!  

Hope everyone's been have a wonderful week...Thanks for sharing part of it with me!