TGIF! Even though this week seemed to fly by, it's still always oh so nice to meet up with the weekend.  Nothing's better than some free time to use as you choose, am I right?  Haha, well if you're feeling the same, I have a sweet treat for you.  With the spring holidays coming up over the next few weeks, I am starting to plan out what I'll be making and baking this time around.  One dessert my family always loves (and by that I mean devours!) is Lemon Lush.  I remember this dessert growing up and my aunt making it for Easter.  The sweet, creamy filling balanced by the tart lemon and buttery crust was just indescribably delicious.  Flash forward several years to me whipping up my own much loved version here today.  For being such a simple recipe there are quite a few fresh takes on the classic recipe.  Some suggest adding some savory nuts to the buttery crust for added interest (habit which I've adopted).  Others have reinvented the base with those melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies and I've also heard some bakerettes enhancing their whipped cream topping so that it stays fresher longer and remains Instagram worthy!  

Today I'm sharing the recipe I always use when whipping up this yummy springtime favorite.  I guarantee that if you try it several things will happen and one will be that you won't be disappointed!

Try this recipe out for yourself and let me know what you think.  Trust me, it's a sweet keeper!  What's everyone have planned for the weekend?  I can't wait to unwind, hit up my favorite restaurant and test a new version of this delish dish.  Wishing you all a terrific two days!




Credits: southern from scratch  cinco shopper   taste of home