It's nearly Valentine's Day and though my heart is always full of love, it's especially so this time of year.  Yes, some say this holiday can get sappy, it's true, but to me I adore any chance to celebrate love.  From the passionate to the tender, there's no greater joy than "to love and be loved".  In honor of this loveliest moment, I'm sharing some of my favorite couple shots I've found throughout the years.  Some are iconic couples known for their beautiful love story, others are famous sweethearts I admire, some are fellow bloggers with the most adorable sweeties and some are just everyday people like us.  Each one, however, magically captures the meaning of love to me.  Whether it's the sexy lean in, the gentle cupping your face with his hands, the locking eyes look or the passionate embrace each of these shots shows love at its best.  And whether you're newly smitten or have been with the one for  fifty plus years, you know what I mean when I say love is life's greatest joy.

However you plan to spend this Valentine's Day I hope you spend it in love.



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