Happy Monday!  How was everyone's weekend?  I spent mine catching up with friends, celebrating National Pizza Day (ummm, isn't that every Friday? haha), shopping winter sales and enjoying a little pampering.  One thing that always takes me from one thing to the next is a great, gorgeous and, most importantly, reliable bag.  While there are many beautiful splurge-worthy choices out there, some speak to me in a way unlike any others.  And yes, we're still talking about bags here!  One of those in my opinion is the iconic Goyard tote.  Its shape, size, wearability and classic detailing make it the perfect choice for a wise investment.  I've captured some of my favorite blogger gals sporting theirs street style and I have to say the inspo is palpable.  Honestly, however, these bags are not so easy to come by.  While you can get them in the city and at Bergdorf's and Barney's  along with that there are some other slightly more affordable options.  The Real Real also offers these and other gently worn bags for a discounted price.  If you have any similar luxury pieces you already own but are not head over heels for then this site may be the perfect solution for you.  I love knowing that there's a way to giveback and get back rather than have something simply sit on a shelf.  Hope you find something you love!