Happy Tuesday!  How was everyone's long weekend?  I don't know about you but I always find that a long weekend in the middle of January is always a welcome treat especially when the cause is a good one.  Thank you to all those who leave room to open their minds and fill their hearts!  The gray days of January have me cozied up and enjoying time by the fire.  They also inspire me to embrace the shades of the season and that means the shades of gray.  These pieces are some of my favorites right now and each one can be mixed or matched with the others for a chic little winter look.  I'm especially loving these camo leggings and these sneakers for a little gym time.  This off the shoulder sweater is what I reach for on date night.  It's demure yet alluring all the while being oh-so cozy.  This throw is perfect for fireside cocoa and these booties are the perfect accent to any of these picks.  

If you're out there feeling winter's bitter chill like we are on the east coast stay warm! With all these cute ways to do it, it really isn't so bad, haha.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!