Happy Wednesday!  Who else can't quite believe it's the middle of May already?! Wow! I must be having a lot of fun, haha.  With the month halfway in, that means it's time for a May Favorites post.  I've gathered together some of my most-loved items this month that are just too good not to share.  While I usually start with a favorite piece that I have (or want) hanging in my closet, this time I have to hand the crown to this beauty game changer.  Ouai's volumizing spray is the best styler I've tried, possibly ever.  If you know me and the depth of my beauty closet, you know that is not an easily earned title.  One use of approximately 5 - 6 sprays leaves my hair, soft, glossy, bouncy and most of all...full.  One product, five most wanted results.  Before this, I could only achieve some (not even all) of these results by combining four or five different stylers.  There's only one other haircare product I love as much as this.  You can find its details here.  In other news, I'm also loving straw bags, maxi skirts in pretty prints and subtly sexy sundresses.  This one is incredible.  My other favorites are linked for you below.  I hope your month is making you smile....MDW will be here soon!