No matter what's currently happening in fashion, one fabric remains tried and true.  Yes, you guessed, it's chambray.  From jumpsuits to handbags, the options are almost endless.  Dark and light shades play so effortlessly and make styling the looks just as easy.  I love how what was once limited to only 'the denim blouse' has now transpired into a complete closet of looks.  These frayed low-rise flared jeans are definitely a glam girl's dream.  I don't know about you but I can tell you, I never met an off the shoulder top I didn't like.  This ruffled striped version is so darling and can play well with shorts, skirts and cropped wide leg pants alike.  If you need a pair of sandals to both complete the look and take you all the way through summer this pair won't disappoint.  Just grab your sunnies and you're ready to go!  How's that for some Wednesday inspo? More of these pieces are linked for you below to keep the happy going.  Hope everyone's enjoying a great April week!