Happy Monday pretties!  Hope everyone had a good time this weekend and you're feeling ready to set some intentions and crush those goals.  Looking gorgeous never hurts, of course and today I'm highlighting some beautiful new products from a line I'm loving.  Charlotte Tilbury has been making supermodels looks incredible for years and collaborations with Tom Ford and Burberry have made her a fast favorite of bloggers everywhere.  Needing to discover what all the buzz was about, I began my own exploration of what the brand was about and here's what I found.  The hype is for real, for the most part, with my favorites being all things eyes and lips.  This liner has quickly become a cult favorite and it's easy to see why.  Soft, natural, pillowy and flushed...need I say more?  Naming them after beauty icons is cute if not clever and gets you going in the direction of the look you're wanting to create.  These shadow sticks are also pure genius.  Super easy to use, even if you swear you can't achieve a professionally applied shadow look, with these you can.  Other great glow getters from her line are linked below.  Let me say, no matter which you choose, you definitely can't go wrong!