Having been a beauty addict since I bought my very first drugstore eyeshadow quad, I can say it's been worth the wait for the day when beauty is as beauty does.  And that day is finally here!  Where once we shopped for colors and shades that we could only hope would give us some color and coverage, today we can selectively choose products that are fresh, healthy and most of all beneficial for your body, health and skin.  While I'm not so sure why this revelation took so long, I can say for certain I couldn't be happier about it!  The trend began slowly with the emergence of vitamin C and its reputation for getting you glowing.  Retin A swept the scene as well with promises of skin smoothing properties and resurfacing wonders.  In reality, a lot of us were slapped silly with the peeling and redness to prove it.  Fast forward to the now and we are treated to a seemingly endless assortment of skincare and beauty lines that not only want to leave you looking gorgeous but benefit you and your body as well.  From skin probiotics that do for your complexion what they began doing for our tummies, to delicious concoctions that drench your hair in natural, nutritious goodness, today's beauty game is on strong.  Details of each one is going to be a post in itself but I have linked for you all the little pretties featured here from which you can choose your personal favorites.  Let me know your thoughts and questions as I love receiving your messages and bouncing ideas off you too! Hope you're having a beautiful Wednesday!