Those Friday feels are going strong and I hope the weather where you are is matching that vibe.  The east coast has been under a HOT spell lately and we're just starting to cool off.  With so many great autumn styles to wear I can't wait to answer the call of fall.  These pretty pieces are some of the favorites I've been craving.  Ambers, cinnamons, harvest wheat and golds are all so pretty and the perfect way to add a bit of sun-kissed warmth to a cool weather look.  Mixing in shades of denim, sage and tortoise shell seems to just effortlessly perfect and complete the look so very well.  In fact, it's the accessories themselves that so often take an outfit and turn it into a standout.  This tassel sweater is a great way to get started.  Pair it with cropped flares, ankle boots and a newsboy cap and it's instant autumn chic.  I'm also loving anything in these shades that comes in that delicious little something known as velvet. So good!  Hope your weekend plans have you excited and ready for fun.  Have a great Friday everyone!