Ask any true fashion lover who her style icon is the answer is likely going to come quick and decidedly, even if it's not quite defined by one single person.  For me I can tell you that Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin are but a few that influence my tastes and mirror my fashion choices daily.  No matter who your influencers are one thing remains true, a strong sense of style is shaped by knowing oneself and the shapes, silhouettes and perfect pieces that work best on your body.  Even if something is the "It-piece" of the moment, it won't capture anyone's attention if it is not well-suited for you.  Some pieces that can call the right attention to almost all shapes and sizes are those that have stood the test of time.  Ideally, well-designed blouses, classic denim, a great leather carry-all and the forever iconic trench coat are just a few of the favorites every well-curated closet loves.  Find the ones that suit you best and you really can't go wrong.  These are few of my updated options for what's now.  I love their American appeal in a Euro-driven world.  Shop the styles below for each of these along with more iconic inspo.  Have a wonderful Monday!