A girl's beauty bag can reveal many secrets or it can be a lifesaver for her bestie in a pinch.  No matter which, everyone's stash holds something noteworthy and needed so let's take a look.  For me, and for as long I can remember, I always had a little mantra that kept my on-the-go game strong with everything I needed right at my fingertips. "Powder, blush and lipstick!" were the three makeup must-haves that took me everywhere I needed to go and never let me down.  Very little has changed and those three are still what I reach for most although I've become more of a multitasker lately with lipstick happily standing in for blush in a rush.  In fact, I actually recommend finding which products can do double duty for you because it's a time and money win-win and no one is the wiser.   This little spill out contains some of my latest beauty loves.  See and shop them below...Have a beautiful Wednesday!