When it comes to fashion, style knows no borders.  From east coast to west coast, across the pond and well beyond,  trendsetters and trailblazers are inspiring our looks on the daily.  Those who know me well will always tell you that I'm a Parisian girl at heart and essentially they are right.  Yet still, somewhere inside my love for great style, there lives an affinity for the great city of London.  From its iconic place in history to the landmark-filled bridges and streets, London town is rich with tailor-made style.  What was once formal and fussy has now evolved into fashionable and fresh.  Miss Middleton may likely have a bit of something to do with that.  This is so true, in fact, that many of the British-based fashion it-girl favorites have now found their way to the U.S. behind the great names we've all fallen for...well hello, Ted Baker, Jo Malone, Liberty, Burberry and TopShop.  The collaborations they've created are equally alluring and for that I say thank you J. Crew and Nordstrom.  What was once a simple adoration of an accent has now become a full on love affair with taste and timelessness.  If you're feeling the London vibe like I am you'll want to shop these British beauties below.  Enjoy and happy Friday!


Photo credits:  shopstyle.com  thesimplyluxuriouslife.com