Welcome to Monday lovelies and if you had any question before this, welcome to winter.  The temps in nyc were freezzzzzzing this weekend and the cold weather wardrobe picks were in full-on mode.  I always say that I couldn't ever live where there weren't any seasons.  Super cold moments like these sometimes have me questioning that thought, haha.  Actually though, I think that the brisk breezes are so very invigorating (especially after a super-intense workout) and the backdrop of snow-covered branches against the bright blue sky is completely awe-inspiring.  Of course, I'm also loving all the layers, knit toppers and fuzzy-filled fashion going on right now.  Some of my current favorites include this parka, pom pom hats and fun faux fur pieces like this one. So, so good.  Isn't it absolutely wonderful to turn every moment into a fashion opportunity?  Haha...well I think so! Making merry this Monday...have a beautiful day!


Photo credits:  elle popsugar lovely pepa