Friday's here which means time for a weekend getaway.  Before you pack your bags for the beach be sure to have all the essential your hair, skin and face will need.  This little gadget has done something I never thought possible.  It has replaced my once beloved Clarisonic as my must-have cleansing device. Unlike the beauty brush, this palm sized cleansing device pulsates your way to cleaner, clearer and healthier skin {in just three days!}  I grabbed mine at the latest Nordstrom's sale only days ago and can already see gorgeous changes in my skin.  Couple that with no brush heads to sanitize or replace and it only needs charging every five months. Definitely worth a looksee.  I was also given this mind blowing face serum to try and my oh my is it a powerhouse of perfection!  I admit the price tag is a bit steep but honestly, you only have one face and you wear it, everyday.  Break that down and compare the cost-per-wear to your shoes and….sold.  My hair's never quite the same without the right product in it.  This volumizer by K√©rastase leaves mine feeling full and looking lush.  Perfection.  Beach curls are equally perfected with this magic creme.  Toss all your beauty loot into a great bag {love this one for beach days} and it's ready, set, sunshine! Enjoy the first weekend of summer!