Happy Monday! I hope it was a wonderful weekend…the pre-holiday season is always filled with fun and festive times I treasure.  Through it all, I always take a little extra time to treat myself well and set aside time for me.  One of my favorite ways to do that is with some wonderful winter beauty treats.  Cold weather, warm dry heat and holiday hustle can each take their toll on our skin.  If you already care for and protect your skin daily, you know the beautiful benefits a good regime can give you.  It's also likely that  new products and innovative ways to polish and perfect are always something you can't get enough of. I know that's definitely true for me!  When it comes to wintertime faves, it's necessary to trade out your spring and summertime go-tos in favor of more deeply penetrating and richly hydrating skin savers.  This cushiony, vitamin packed eye cream from Bobbi Brown is always on standby in my fridge.  Keeping it cold helps preserve the active ingredients and reduce any puffiness you may have.  I have to admit, I am often suspect of skin care products put forward by lines that are most well known for their innovations in beauty and vice versa.  This cream, however, has changed my mind and made me a believer.  If you have any under eye dryness or just want something extra protective for winter, you must give this jar a try.  I promise you'll be dewy and fresh with no dreaded concealer slip or slide.  Hydrating your elbows, knees and essentially everywhere is also extra important during the cold weather months.  This incredible perfumed olive oil body scrub by my favorite body care line, philosophy, is the perfect way to do it all while still in the shower or tub.  I simply love how it smoothes, softens and scents my skin.  For extra tired eyes, these little eye masks are the must-have answer.  Packed full of skin enhancing retinol, they smooth the delicate area under the eyes leaving it beautifully refreshed and perfectly renewed.  These pretty shadows, pot rogue and glossy tint are the perfect trio for getting holiday glam.  Bobbi always inspires me with her gorgeous take on natural beauty.  Gorgeous.  Don't forget a quick pick me up for your tresses too.  I've never met a K√©rastase product I didn't like.  This glossifier is no exception.  Add a few drops of this lightweight shine serum to your regular styler and you'll leave your bathroom with a beautiful natural shine and weightless lushness you'll love.  You can shop it and all these beauty items in the links below.  Let me know your favorites!