Happy Friday loves! It's been such a whirlwind of a week and by the time the weekend gets here sometimes I want nothing more than to slip my feet into a super soft pair of shoes.  Slip ons have come such a long way and today they're some of my favorites in my closet.  Ballet flats are among the most popular picks we all adore.  Traditionally though, Audrey, Grace and Jackie all knew the understated glamour of the loafer.  The chicly classic shoe has such a long fashion history and iconic feel and deserves some renewed recognition right about now.  Like with most of what's in my closet, loafers can be worn in multiple ways, each impressively different.  One of my favorite options is pairing them with cuffed denim, a boatneck sweater, a gorgeous wool coat draped over the shoulders and a stunning pair of solitaire earrings.  The cigarette pant also earned its fame alongside the cashmere turtleneck and this shoe.  Timeless style never fades.  Still another way to wear them is with a short skirt, collared shirt, classic crew neck sweater and bold colored peacoat (this one is crave worthy!).  Don't forget a perfect placed chainlink handbag to finish off the look.  I guess it's true, classic style never gets old.  I hope everyone's weekend is off to a wonderful start!  xx ~ K


Photo crédits: elle.es careergirldaily.com whowhatwear.com dailymail.co.uk margoandme.com