Beach days have recently gotten a bad rap but don't fear, all is not lost.  With a little planning and thinking ahead, the beach and its sun-soaked rays can still be your happy place.  The first thing you'll want and need is a really great tote that's roomy and well-designed so that it can carry the must-haves and make them easy to grab on the go.  I am adoring this chic little (or not so, really!) striped number by Kate Spade. Who else?  Inside I always make sure to take along these magic miracle makers.  First, if you want your skin to love you for life then always treat it right with a very good quality sunscreen.  I tend to favor physical blocks for several reasons.  Mainly because they shield and protect your skin without a heat-induced breakdown, they don't produce free radicals and are less irritating than their chemical block counterpart.  This one by Supergoop! also doesn't give my skin a white veil like some titanium oxide based options can do.  Hair needs sun protection too (as well as color-saving hydrators for us poolside girls).  I keep mine silky, smooth and free from fading with this hydrating water-resistant mist.  Truly delicious and one of the best beauty treats of summer.  With my skin and hair covered that leaves only the lips which also need major protection.  I keep mine pillowy and soft with a moisturizing SPF lip balm.  Fresh Sugar's Nude lip hydrator is just about perfect and gets the job done.  Some other beach day bring-alongs are my super dark sunnies, a waterproof mascara, a few snag free hair ties (these are amazing), a fun hat (loving this one and this one too) and my favorite new earbuds.  With the beach tote filled for fun, who's ready for the long holiday weekend?