Happy Friday!  The weekend is here and that means we're only a week away from the February lovefest also known as Valentine's Day.  Whether single or spoken for, it's always so nice to dress up in your favorite ladylike fashion and enjoy the moment that it is.  Today I'm sharing some fun Valentine's Day inspo focusing upon gorgeous shades of red, ivory and nude.  The latter two are always on my list of go-to favorites regardless of season or temperature.  Check out this previous post for some lovely ways to wear them.  Adding a little crimson color makes for a beautiful way to celebrate all the love in your life.  This silk blouse is just so beautiful and can easily work with light denim skinnies and nude pumps or as it is here, paired with the gorgeous lace overlay skirt.  Not only that, but in the world of silk shirts, it also happens to be a steal.  Don't you just love when a wardrobe workhorse is also wallet friendly?  This darling little jacket would make for such a chic contrast with the look while keeping you warm.  Don't forget what wonders a little swipe of color can do.  My favorite red lip color comes from the same fashion house as my favorite handbags.  YSL's beauty is as incomparable as their leather and I absolutely love what both can do.  Before you go, be sure to remember a sweet sprtiz that'll linger and leave them wanting more.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for reading!