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While I admit to loving a great beauty indulgence just as much as the next girl, I have to say there are many, many excellent finds to be had at the local drugstore.  Having shopped both the high and low end options, I've discovered that much like mixing your wardrobe pieces to create a fantastic look, you can do the same with your beauty routine.  The results are equally impressive.  Here's my list of what to try:

One drugstore must-have I can't live without is this moisture-infusing cream that hydrates my skin from head to toe leaving it soft, supple and free from winter's wrath.  I haven't been able to skip a day since my derm recommended it for my super dry skin.  Having tried a ton of the cosmetic counter foundations, I have definitely found a few faves (here and here).  That said, I have recently come across this creamy, dreamy, HD-like quality  formula from Cover Girl and Olay.  I love how it blurs skin out to airbrushed perfection!  I've also found this incredible hairspray.  It locks in your look with memory and is completely brushable.  Definitely a win-win.  Another is this ah-mazing lash primer and mascara duo from L'oreal. Wow!  As a long time Lancome girl, it speaks volumes for me to feel this way about any other line, let alone a much less pricey one.  Again, wow! If you love to bat some full and flirty fringe, it's certainly worth a try.  These nail polishes are my absolute favorite, likely because of their smooth application and the endless array of delicious colors.  Still there are more great steals to be had.  You can shop them all above and below and let me know your most-loved picks.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!