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Friday is here and today I'm sharing my top beauty favorites that I reach for daily and love to pieces.  From lips to lashes, these products are so good at what they do.  Some are a little more expensive while others are true beauty bargains but each one is definitely worth every penny.   This primer is what I use every morning before applying my makeup.  I just love its creamy, smooth texture that melts right into my skin leaving it with this silken finish that's ready to be makeup optional.  Even on those days when I prefer to wear very little or no makeup, I never want to be without concealer.  I've quite possibly tried every one out there and none have worked the magic that this Bobbi Brown duo can achieve.  The corrector and concealer kit is absolutely amazing!  I love how it fixes any sort of undereye discoloration with the corrector and then wakes up the area with the brightening properties of the concealer.  Perfection.  Lashes are another must-have for me and while there are quite a few really good mascaras out there (here, here and here) none have ever measured up to the length, definition and lushness that I get from Lancome.  They really have won me over.  If you give this formula a try, I'm willing to bet they'll have your vote too.  Finally, is there anything Tory Burch isn't pure genius about?  What started as a love affair with gold emblem flats and grew into total handbag happiness has now become all about beauty.  Tory Burch's beauty line is gorgeous and this sweet little compact brush is simply perfect for tossing in my bag and using on the go.    What are your current beauty loves?

Have a beautiful weekend!