Here's a bit of beauty banter you hardly ever hear…All eyes on The Brow.  With so much emphasis continually placed upon the eyes and how to look more wide awake, achieve the perfect line and flash that flirty fringe, the brows often go unmentioned.  Just be sure they never go unnoticed by you .  If you're not careful, they can get you the exact type of attention you don't want (read: loss of structure, lack of symmetry and gasp! - an aged appearance).    

While the basic brow tips are well known wide and far: Follow your natural arch, tweeze beneath, fill in (and sometimes above), match your color realistically and, finally, comb up.  The #1 eyebrow grooming tip, however, is always, always, always extend your tail.  As time goes by, we can tend to lose the end of our brow.  When that happens, you also lose the structure, support and youthful definition that well-groomed brows provide.  Your brows in their best form will frame your face beautifully, leaving you looking your natural beauty best.

The tools that will help you get there are simple yet key.  Remember to choose your shade carefully, much like you would your concealer or foundation.  Generally, one shade deeper than your hair color is a safe bet.  Next, decide if you prefer a powder, pencil or pomade style filler.  There's no strict rule on this other than to say that certain skin types do better with particular formulas.  A waxy pencil for example, may not be the best choice for oilier skin types.  Opt instead for a powder.  Another important thing to consider would be, how much help do your brows need?  Just a little filling in?  Then a powder or pencil will work fine.  If your brows are past that point and need a little more love, you'll want to choose a formula that adheres to the hair and skin so as to plump and perfect with beautiful believability.  Other key items in your brow beauty arsenal should include a spoolie (aka an unused, clean mascara wand to fluff and brush upward with), a gel to set your artfully applied handiwork and a well-made tweezer to clean up strays.  

With these tips, tricks and tools at the ready, your brows are going to set the stage for your outward beauty and radiance to shine as bright as your beauty within.  Wishing you all a fabulous Friday!