Fall calls for a transition of your closet, your beauty routine, your shoe collection and yes, even your fragrance.  As days and nights take on a new feel, so should your scent.  What's most lovely about that, however, is that your beloved floral, fruity, fresh and feminine favorites don't need to go away.  Rather, they've taken on a new, subtly more seductive side, that melds beautifully with the richer, warmer tones the season will be sure to have us seeking.  No matter your personal preference, these perfumes will have you craving their deliciousness day to night.

SWEET SOMETHINGS:  Perennial favorite, Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf takes on a new feel with 'Flowerbomb Eau Extreme'.  Touted as "an intensely luxurious interpretation of the original", this newly designed concoction will have you instantly hooked.  Marc Jacobs makes another appearance on the fragrance runway with his latest, MARC JACOBS 'Honey'.  Much like its namesake, this one takes on a hint of sweetness perfectly capturing a golden warmth.  

FLOWER FRESH:  Feminine and flirty girls rejoice.  The incomparable Jo Malone brings her latest bout of greatness to life in the form of 'Peony & Blush Suede'.  Oh, just the name is swoon worthy and instantly covetable.  With hints of autumn's juicy red apple, glorious jasmine, rose and gillyflower, combined with a heavenly soft blush suede conjure up divine notions of a scent that begs to shared with someone you adore.  Tom Ford brings his sense of haute and happening to so many elements of fashion, one of which is certainly fragrance.  His 'Fleur de Chine' brings the heat with an Asian allure.  It's sensual mix of Hualan flower and star magnolia creates a mystifying allure that beckons back to a time of romance.

DESIGNER DEBUTS:  Initially known and loved for her intrinsic ability to single-handedly redesign the shoe closets of women worldwide, Tory Burch now makes her debut on the beauty scene with the launch of 'Tory Burch the Fragrance'.  In an ever-evolving partnership with cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder, Tory Burch has entered a new frontier which will undoubtedly prove every bit as successful as her previous ventures.  Also fast on her heels is the iconic stridemaker, Jimmy Choo with his latest, 'Jimmy Choo Exotic'.  Deeply rooted in florals, patchouli and raspberry, this new limited edition joins its well known sister scent, the original 'Jimmy Choo'.

Once again, the choices are plenty but once you find your favorite for fall, there'll be no mistaking it.  Have a fabulous Fashion Week weekend!