Short and Chic Cuts I Love

Any girl who adores fashion and creating her own personal style knows what pleasure that gives.  Just as much as clothes, and the way you are personally inspired to style them define your total look, so too does your hair and the love and attention you give it.  Whether sleek and straight or textured and full, hair speaks volumes.  These are some of the shorter, chic looks currently inspiring me.

No matter your length or preferred style du jour, here are my top seven hair care products I swear by.  Hope you like them too:

**This is a must-have for everyone.  Yes, it is quite pricey for a hairbrush but, a few things to consider...It treats your hair like gold.  No pulling, no tearing and no breaking, ever.  It protects strands and still stimulates the scalp and smoothes your hair effortlessly, for the perfect blowout.  Once you make the initial investment, you'll never look back, nor will you have to.  This brush will last you for years.
                                  So how has your signature hairstyle grown with you over the years and which hair essentials are you coveting?

                                                                     Wishing you a fabulous Friday...Enjoy the weekend!