SUMMER BEAUTY: A Few to Try, One to Buy

Hello girls!  There's nothing I love more than a great beauty post.  Except for maybe a summertime Friday.  Today I get to delight in both and so do you.  Every summer we all seem to covet the same few things when it comes to looking our best.  The top three:  A Flawless Glow, A Fresh Face and Lush and Healthy Hair (aka Your Crowning Glory).

Here are a few of my favorites from each category.  All are worth your time and money.  My top picks, however, are the standout favorites that I find work the best for me, are most worthy of their price tag and have earned a reserved spot in my beauty arsenal.  Here's what works...

YOU WANT:  A Flawless Glow
      A Few to Try:  Kate Somerville Towelettes provide a beautiful amount of believable color and are super convenient as the come packaged in single-use, sealed packets.  The only problem I find is that because they are colorless (think of a baby wipe), you always inadvertently end up missing a spot and are left with a telltale streak of "Oooops".  Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan had me curious before giving it a go.  I never understood how an aerosol delivery could evenly coat and color your skin.  I needn't question its ability, as this one just somehow miraculously achieves an evenly applied sunkissed glow.  Dalton Cosmetics Golden Pearl Bronzer is quite alluring with its promise of a hands-free, no dry time, non-transferrable tan.  While I discovered the first two to be true, I cannot say that my white clothes ever really fell for the third claim.

        One to Buy:  Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan, $10.  I am quite fair and I use the number two version.  The depth of color is enough to be noticeable, yet subtle enough to look real.  

YOU WANT:  A Fresh Face
      A Few to Try:  Laura Gellar is so good at creating the products you want and need to help you look your loveliest.  Her cult favorite primer, known simply as Spackle, targets fine lines, pores and uneven skin surfaces to give you a smooth, makeup ready canvas.  All be told, this primer is hard to beat.  Mally Roncal gives it a go, however, with the creation of her Mally Poreless Face Defender.  As the name implies, this product aims to keep your skin flawless and fresh without even a hint of any cakey or powdery residue.  This one is another great bet.  MAC  is never one to be left out of a cosmetic competition and the shine-prevention wars are no exception. Their Skin Refined Zone Treatment from the 'Prep + Prime' line is fantastic.  It goes on unassumingly under makeup and holds oil, shine and make up meltdown at bay all day long.  Facing an exceptionally hot and humid kind of day?  Not to worry, simply dab a small amount of this liquid wonder atop your skin and voila, you are instantly and beautifully refreshed.

        One to Buy:  MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment, $21. While all three of these choices are fabulous in their own right, my summer go-to has to be this miracle liquid from MAC.  One tube will last you the entire season right into the fall, at which point, you'll addicted to its magic and wanting to wear it all year round.

YOU WANT:  A Crowning Glory
      A Few to Try:  Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Conditioner.  Straight from the rainforest, this hydrating conditioner will infuse your hair with lush, supple moisture and leave out the heavy, weighed down feeling that can have us never wanting to condition ever again.  When your hair has enjoyed a few too many days at the beach, call for help from Phyto's Phytolisse Express Smoothing Mask.  As a fine haired girl, this is one I only use every now and again but when I do, my hair happily thanks me by behaving its bouncy best.  MIT science powerhouse Living Proof  has come up with some of the most innovative technology the beauty world has ever seen.  Their Restore Conditioner is just one more example.  Expressly formulated with Living Proof's moisture-controlling molecule, this conditioner restores the top layer of dry, damaged hair and brings it back to the smooth and shiny condition you once knew.

       One to Buy:  Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Conditioner, $23.  The title of this one does not disappoint.  My fine hair never felt better, right after the first use.  I've even found that on days when your hair is looking dry or acting blah, sweep it up into a ponytail and apply a quarter-sized dollop of this conditioner before heading to the gym.  Afterwards, simply rinse and shampoo and you are ready for a great night out.

Go ahead and try these few for yourself and see which are your "Ones to Buy".  No matter your personal preference, you won't be disappointed by these picks and you'll end up with a few new fabulous favorites.  Have a beautiful weekend and thanks so much for reading!