Hair Repair.....GET GLOSSY

As much as we all adore summertime, we also know the toll it can take on our hair.  Here are some great tips to help you restore your hair to a beautiful, glossy, glowing mane.

Tip #1  Treat your hair kindly.  This can mean many different things to different people but here are the basics.  When it comes to cleansing the hair, beauty experts recommend that you do not wash your tresses daily.  For some of us who like to enjoy the gym, yoga, etc. this is not always a viable option.  That's ok.  In today's beauty savvy world, the skin and haircare industry has come to recognize the need to move away from harsh detergents and have begun incorporating sulfate-free formulas into their shampoo lines.  If you can find products that are sulfate-free definitely give them a try.  One popular choice here is the WEN Cleansing Conditioner line by Chaz Den.  Made from all natural, hair and skin pampering ingredients, WEN actually uses a conditioning formula to cleanse your hair, remove product build up and hydrate those luscious locks.  I find this line to be especially effective on coarse and/or naturally curly hair types.  For those of you who prefer a bit of sudsing or have fine hair, Aveda makes some wonderful, gentle formulas such as those you can find in their Dry Remedy line. 

Tip #2  Detangle  You've probably heard the rumour that you should never brush your hair when it's's true!  Wet hair is hair in its most fragile state.  Given this, you want to be as gentle with it as possible.  Try using a large, wide-tooth comb to help glide your conditioner through while in the shower.  If you can, take advantage of the hot steam and let your conditioner sit on your hair at least a few minutes so it can really soak in and soften.  Once you've rinsed the product clean, blot the hair dry (preferably with a soft cotton tee - it's much less damaging than a towel) and gently detangle again from ends to roots.

Tip #3  Hydrate  This is something to remember all year round.  Whether it's the sun, salt and sand of summer or the wind and indoor heat of winter, all the elements can take a toll.  To help combat this, faithfully use a hair mask once or twice a week.  While you can purchase a luxurious, heavenly scented jar from amazing lines such as Kerastase, Ojon and Oribe, I actually love the results I get when using olive oil from the cupboard.  Simply apply a tablespoon or two, depending upon your hair's length.  Concentrate on replenishing the ends and mid shaft as the roots don't need this degree of hydration most times.  Leave it in overnight and shampoo out in the morning.  Your hair will thank you by being supple, soft, manageable and shiny.

Tip #4  Glaze  Once you fall in love with the results of a mask or mega hydrator, you're going to want to keep that going on a daily basis.  To do that, you can consider a glaze.  Whether you decide to go to your favorite salon or prefer to do it yourself at home, a glaze is a fantastic way to seal in hydration, smooth the cuticle and even add a hint of color.  Frederic Fekkai offers a nice at-home option to try.

Tip #5  Take a Holiday  With all the styling options available today, well, let's just say, hot tool help can get addicting.  During the summer months, however, there is no cuter way to go than with a sock bun, low pony or soft braid (being sure to use soft and/or coated hair elastics).  All of these options allow you to take a break from the daily heat of your favorite dryer, rollers, flat iron, etc. These styles also beautifully accommodate some of those oh so nourishing treatments we mentioned earlier.  Why not take advantage of treating your hair while looking sweetly summer chic?

Please give one or some of these hair tips a try and you'll find yourself enjoying luxuriously healthy, glossy, hydrated locks.  You're a beauty, so let it shine!