You don't have to say goodbye to the beach once the weekend or your vacation ends.  Of course, the sand, the sea, the shells...all evoke the tranquility and serenity that we never want to leave behind.  Inspired by this, I put together some home design ideas and pieces that effortlessly bring the beach indoors even if the coastline is miles away from where you are.

 Take a peek here...

 Glass vases and seashells, cleverly placed alongside seasonal frames, come together beautifully to transform your space into a beach getaway.

Fill a glass bowl or small vase with different size and shape seashells.  Pair it with a few beach-themed frames that capture that seascape feeling and place them on a tabletop or shelf to get you in that beach day frame of mind. 

I'm so in love with the color blue (all shades!)
and thought it was the perfect touch to add to this glass vase.  Try placing one on the corner of a table and pair with a complimentary colored candle.  

 Again, a shopping trip provides just the right element you may be looking to add to your home.  Here shells and coral work well together to add to your seascape.

Love the neutrals paired with the sea blues and summer!

These fun starfish pillows add a pop of color when used in a mud room or sun porch.

Laundry room lobsters!  These cute critters remind of a J Crew print and make for a fun way to transport the wash during everyday task time.

Favorite framed photos can really enhance the theme or feel of any room in the home.  I like the way this one is done in black and white.  It would easily compliment any paint or wall color choice, even similarly neutral creams, browns or blacks.

Finally, I couldn't leave without noting the clever irony of this pillow.  It's nautical theme was what first caught my eye.  It's striking display of the other kind of "sail" is what had me laughing.....I'm sure my fellow shopping sisters know just what I mean.  Thanks so much for reading!

These items can be found at Home Goods.  Similar styles are on sale and available at Pottery Barn.