While we had a tease of overly warm weather earlier this month, spring has gone back to its unpredictable pattern and with it comes those slightly cooler days where you're reaching for a layer of warmth while trying to look season forward.  With all that in mind, I've created today's look featuring some spring-friendly layers that you can peel back or put depend depend upon the mood of the day.

I'm sure you're already quite familiar with the fact that this skirt seems to be everywhere at the minute.  And while I generally don't gravitate towards fads of the minute, I do think that this is worth considering as despite being rather popular right now, it is also a staple item that I think you will get a lot of use out of now as well as many seasons to come.

Available in several colors, today I'm reaching for the white color way to help propel the look into the warmer season.  And much like so many of the pieces we are all wearing at the minute, layering is key.  A nice, well-fitting tank top will work especially well for this without having to give it very much thought.  I settled on the black option and opted to pair it with this (suddenly showing up everywhere!) black bomber jacket.  I do enjoy a bit of a monochromatic look from time to time and these two pieces fit the bill on top.  

I later choose these MaryJane style ballet flats also in black to give the look a cohesive feel as it leads your eye to travel from top to bottom.  A couple neutral accessories and bits of gold round out the entire outfit while creating the perfect spring look to take you just about anywhere you may want to go.

The items I mentioned here are linked below along with several similar options.  Please let me know how you like them!  Wishing you all a lovely spring!