Springtime temperatures have finally arrived and I for one couldn't be happier.  Aside from the lush green trees, gorgeous flowers and comfortable settings, there are also so many beautiful ways to get dressed this season.  If you've been following along for a minute or if you're new here (hello!) you can tell right away that neutrals are my color of choice and solids are my favorite pattern.  Not really on the last part but aside from an occasional floral here or there, stripes are really the only print I gravitate towards and never more so than in the spring and summertime.

That, of course, is only my personal preference.  But no matter where you stand when it comes to colors and patterns, you can still take these spring essentials into the season and wear them effortlessly throughout.  

First up in my closet is the blouse.  This is such quintessential, classic piece that I really think every single wardrobe needs.  Whether it's a loose-fitting chambray style, a striped button down or the iconic white shirt, a blouse really suits all body types and styles accordingly.  This one here would be perfect worn tucked into a nice pair of white Bermuda shorts with a braided belt, some nude flats and a straw bag like this one.

I also absolutely adore a flattering pair of full length white trousers.  Personally, I find that the longer inseam positively accentuates the length of the leg while elongating the body, helping the eye to sort of effortlessly flow from head to toe.  I love them worn with, of course, a blazer or a nice spring weight jumper.

Then, I always like to finish off the look with a bit of gold jewelry.  These simple hoops do exactly that and look really nice on all face shapes.  They work so easily with sleek, smooth straight hair as well as when you're wearing a chic low bun or anything in between.  Sunglasses and a great daytime bag add the final touches to these key pieces that make for a perfectly rounded spring capsule.

Just in case any of these resonate with you, I've linked them for you in the thumbnails below.  Let me know what you think and enjoy the lovely springtime weather!