Happy New Year and hello 2022!  A new year means a fresh slate in so many areas and facets of our lives.  And, whether that reflects a new set of personal goals, fresh ways to honor yourself and your personal beliefs or continuation of what you loved about last year, we all welcome ways to simply our day to day lifestyle and routine.  

Hello winter capsule wardrobe.  Curating a set of wardrobe pieces and color ways that work no matter when you reach for them is one of my favorite ways to do that.  And, I can assure you from experience, you'll never find yourself staring blanking at everything you own uttering, "I have no idea what to wear".

The basic thought behind this concept is to have a set collection of your most versatile pieces that transcend a harmonious color scheme and that can easily mix and match in a number of ways.  Not only does this make getting dressed a pleasure, it also helps create "a look" that defines your personal style.

For me that mostly means neutrals that play beautifully together regardless of the season.  For winter, I focus upon knits, warm trousers, cold weather accessories, layering pieces and cozy coats for warmth.  This can accomplished via any color palette or pattern preference including lovely solids like you see happening here.

Being able to simply reach for the pieces speaking to me most that day and combine them in a variety of ways makes me a very happy girl.  Hope you are all enjoying your fresh slate!