One piece dressing might very well be the most brilliant thing to cross our path...ever.  Well, at least one of the most helpful to say the least, haha.  Dresses are huge in this category and I love them for so many great reasons.  Not the least of which being their irreplaceable versatility and never ending ability to transcend all things style related.

Whether you're heading out for a much-loved date night or just looking for a cute and polished piece to take you out on a day trip, dresses always hit the mark with effortless ease.  This one is current favorite at the minute.  Of course I love the classic color as it is always absolutely reasonless in my book.  I also think the silhouette is so very flattering on so many figures.  The higher neckline gives it a very timeless appeal and the slight bit of cutout along the waistline adds the exact right bit of dramatic interest the summertime needs.

When a piece like this speaks so strongly, very little need be added to the look.  Perhaps a pair of studded earrings would be the perfect way to complement a lovely low bun.  Some square toe sandals like these would work beautifully with this dress.  And, so as to not go entirely monochromatic, this nude bag would be perfect to hold your essentials without adding any unnecessary bulk or clutter to the look.  

Some classic black sunglasses, a bit of gold jewelry and a classic swipe of color complete the look and will leave you feeling absolutely fantastic and looking ready for a lovely night out.  It's really that simple and I love when it is.  All these pieces are linked below.  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the long weekend!  Happy Fourth!