Photo credits:  The Pink Dream / Suburban Faux-Pas and Ma_House

Hello Friday! It's the weekend before Valentine's Day and I am feeling the love!  Whatever the season, I know that for me there is no better way to embrace the mood than with beautiful home decor pieces that bring me happiness everytime I see them.  The homes featured here today are some of the most gorgeous that I've seen and they each capture such a striking sense of elegance and love. We all want to bring that to our own homes and I've found some simple and sweet pieces that can do that no matter what your personal love style.  Etsy is such a wonderful marketplace for....everything, including home design pieces. Framed artwork that's been handcrafted with so much care is always so special.  This "Love You More" sign is one of my personal favorites.  Neutral enough to work with any color scheme and universally expressive enough to fit any and all styles of homes.  If you're indecisive about which sentiment best expresses your feelings, this tiered tray sign cleverly displays  them all.  Black, white and red are love day classics and this piece captures that feel.  You know I love my pink and so this display captures my heart.  Also loving this sweet piece and its farmhouse chic feel.  With so many wonderful ways to bring joy and beauty into our homes, I always say, who couldn't love home decor!?  

What's your favorite way to celebrate the season at home?  Happy weekend!