Hello and happy 2020 friends!  It's a new decade, blank page and fresh start for us all and personally I am so excited! New beginnings are always a thrill as they let me take everything I love into yet another wonderful and rewarding phase of my life.  And whether you're fine-tuning what's already serving you or taking your life in an entirely new direction,  a visual refresh and some pretty organizational tips, are always helpful and welcomed by me.  Just in case the same is true for you, I've designed a set of a few of my current favorites that will be helping me stay on track this January (and they're oh so pretty too!).  Storage is always a necessity and can seem especially frustrating this time of year as bulky winter items require accessibility but love to take up a lot of space.  This ottoman scores a win win as it is the perfect spot to tase bulky blankets, extra sweaters, magazines and fireside reads.  The color is gorgeous and so the design.  Yes, it's one of my most-loved pieces right now, haha.  This acrylic and rose gold makeup tray is another.  Is there anything better than reach for your well-organized brushes and must-haves while getting reading and having everything right there at your fingertips looking beautiful?  Nah, I didn't think so!  The price on this one is incredible too as I never like to overpay...hunt for those bargains ladies!  Gorgeous gallery walls are always so nice to come home to and whether that means a statement wall clock or a proudly displayed set of your favorite framed memories these pieces will effortlessly allow you to accomplish that.

What are you guys most excited about this decade?  Can you believe we can even say that?  Whether your goals are big or small, every step closer is your dream is something to recognize and celebrate.  The joy is in the journey!  Have a great first full week of the new year...See you Wednesday!