What is it about beauty that we all love so much?  For me, it's the opportunity to indulge in something  luxurious and pamper myself in some way each day.  From big beauty buys to little luxuries, the options are endless and the payoffs, pretty and plentiful.  Even on my busiest days, I know that if I can reach for even just one thing to accomplish a little self-care, my day is that much better.  Do that everyday and you'll be absolutely in love with the results both big and small.  If I can only get to one beauty fave on any given day, this tiny tool is by far THE most powerful game changer of them all.  Microneedling has become the most effective way to create noticeable changes in your skin and the performance of your favorite products right there at home.  There are a lot of gimmicks out there though (which can potentially damage or harm your delicate facial skin) which makes it so very important to choose the proper tool and to be sure you're using a reputable brand.  This one is exactly that.  I love how gently it rolls and imparts only the slightest little tingle as it gently allows for skin regeneration, collagen production and the beautiful efficacy of the skincare I follow up with, as my serums and creams so noticeably absorb into my skin, each working so much more dramatically.  This exfoliating treatment is amazing at smoothing all skin types without harshness or redness.  It has a cult following which is no surprise.  One use and trust me, you'll be hooked.  I'm also really loving this vitamin C serum which is a new one for me but I can already notice my skin responding favorably with that naturally rosy glow we all covet. Haircare is another beauty ritual that can bring so much satisfaction to a beauty aficionado like me.   The right products for your hair type can easily impart color protection, fullness and shine.  The miracle in a bottle is a total gloss getter and something I highly recommend. Add a few bouncy curls with this iconic twirler and maintain it all with a high-quality shampoo.

All this beauty talk has me wanting to restock my stash while maybe adding few new items to the mix.  What are your current craves and must-haves?  I'd love to hear what works for you!  Have a great day, beautiful!