Happy December!  I wait all year for this time to arrive so naturally, I'm beyond thrilled that it is finally here!  In honor of all things holiday and according to what I've been hearing from you all, I am going to be a lot of gift giving content complete with a guide for everyone you will be shopping for.  Today I'm starting things off with a collection of all things pretty.  No real rhyme or reason behind any of these options, I just simply think they are pretty and perfect to give to all your girls.  These chocolates are probably my favorite to give and to get.  I mean one look at the box says it all.  Truly a    Dickens' moment come to life.  These compacts and this lippy set are both adorable and the contents aren't too shabby either, haha.  Gold lovers rejoice over this belt, this watch and this pendant. And pink girls everywhere love this pompom hat.   Cozy, cute and sweet.  

I hope everyone scooped up some major deals on Black Friday.  If you've seen my stories over the weekend then you know that my and my girlfriends braved the brick and mortar and hit the stores.  I'm so glad I did!  The buzz and energy of the holiday season is in the air and that makes me soooo happy.  Now that Monday is here and office work calls, be sure to slip in a little cyber shopping time to wrap up the best of your holiday gift getting.  Check the links in this post here as the Black Friday deals are today's steals.  Have fun!