Happy Friday lovelies!  The weekend means date night and what better reason can you think of for getting dressed and looking your prettiest than a sweet night spent with your honey? Haha, I can't think of another one either!  But seriously, this romantic date night look is one of my favorites for fall.  Soft colors, flowy fabrics, rich tones and the most gorgeous of make up shades all come together to create the most beautiful date night looks.

This dress is the perfect choice for a night out with him.  I loveeee long sleeve numbers and the feminine details of this one make it irresistible.  Bordeaux pumps pair so well with it, giving it the just right touch of fall feel.  A nude bag and these earrings finish the look and leave it asking for nothing more.  A soft spitz of this perfume and you'll have him hopelessly devoted.  Haha, I'm only half kidding...I've seen it happen!

I hope everyone is looking forward to a great date night and some fall fun this weekend.  I can't wait!