Hello friends!  I've been getting a lot of requests lately for ideas about what to wear to an autumn wedding.  So, I've put together some ideas I hope you'll love!  With summer behind us, it's definitely time to put the florals and soft shades away and in their place welcome in these rich and gorgeous jewel tones.  

There's something about a wedding in fall that is just so incredibly romantic and these looks reflect that feeling.  Deep merlots, beautiful chocolates, stunning emeralds, rich champagnes and warm cinnamon shades are my favorites for fall formal.  They're just as easy to wear as those summer shades and maybe even more flattering.  This dress is so beautiful.  Its understated elegance will stand out in a crowd without ever having to try.  I also love this lace overlay option which is a brilliant take on the soft-hued ones we saw in spring and summer.  A nude shoe,  classic jewelry and these shadows pull the final look together with ease and the results are stunning.

I know a lot of you have fall weddings to attend and I hope these looks and ideas leave you feeling inspired.  Autumn I dos are my favorite based upon the beautiful weddings I've been a part of with family, friends and my own personal experience.  Enjoy all the blissful moments everyone!  Thanks so much for reading!