Hi beautiful friends!  How was everyone's weekend?  I couldn't help notice the hint of fall that was in the air here on the east coast...and I loved it!  I even had to break out the apple scented candle I've been stashing since July, haha.  Definitely a good decision.  If you need a delicious one this is the one to try.  

Okay, so for today's style inspo I'm taking back to one of my original most-loved favorites...J.Crew.  Throughout the 2000s I was simply so enamored with everything that this brand created.  From their cashmere sweaters and tailored coats to collection pieces and beautiful ballet flats, they seriously could do no wrong, haha.  Even their catalogs were absolutely dreamy with photoshoots cataloging Itly, Scotland and the best of Europe, making you feel like you were there.  If you've never seen them check them out on Pinterest.  

While there had been a time since then that found me less in love with the direction the brand had been going, after recently shopping their latest fall line I feel like they are returning to those much-loved roots and I couldn't be happier!  So much so that I decided to feature some of my latest favorites here today.  Specifically, their sweaters, jackets and accessories have really caught my eye.  I love the fabrics, the fit and the colors.  So pretty and perfect for fall.  I also suspected that some changes may have taken place in the design and buying offices and after talking with some of those in the know, it seems I am right.  I love that news and find it so exciting for the brand as well as for us the buyers.  Definitely a fun win win!  

This tissue tee turtleneck instantly caught my eye.  If you're familiar with this particular piece and end up getting it in this print, you'll notice that it is slightly different than the solids which are a bit softer and thinner feeling.  I sized up in this and really love the way it feels and looks.  I also think the use of print to add interest is a genius idea when done correctly.  This can be tricky to achieve but in eyeing the line I really liked much of what I've seen.  This fuchsia color is a complete crave for me right now, so gorgeous!

I've linked the looks I fell in love with for you below.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I'd love to see your favorites too!