It's vacation season and the packing is easy.  Or it should be but we all know what a daunting task it can become.  With that in mind I decided to put together everything you need for a summer getaway and even leaves me room to spare, haha!  One must-have no matter where you're going is one (or more) item(s) that will do double duty when you're away from your closet.  This dress is the perfect example.  It works as a cute top over jeans and pair with slip-ons during the day but can get daring at night with kitten heels and chic little sweater draped over the shoulders.  This bag is a similar player that can sightsee crossbody and later play the role of a clutch.  Jeans and tees are always a must and a versatile pair of shorts gives tanks and cute halters tons of extra mileage.  Finally don't forget to take along some extra tlc for jet lagged peepers.  This jade roller is amazing at rolling away puffy eyes and leaves you and your face feeling totally pampered and relaxed.  Ahhh, so good!

Who's excited for some fun trips this summer? I definitely am and when the packing is easy that just makes a good thing great.  What are your top packing tips that help you get ready to vacay?  I'd love to know!  Hope you're all enjoying the week...see you on Friday!