If you know me at all then you realize this, beauty, fashion and really good food are three things I'm in love with and in almost exactly that order, haha.  Nutrition and beauty are intrinsically tied and today's post features the latest ways to provide your skin with the healthy nutrients it loves and needs.  Specifically, K-beauty and the incredible benefits it holds.  I'm so inspired by way Asian women treat, protect and care for their skin.  Self-care rituals are a long standing tradition of the Eastern culture and are steadily working their way west.  Taking the time to effectively pamper yourself and your skin daily will pay dividends in the years to come.  And honestly, what could be better than daily me time that results in a lifetime of gorgeousness?  While the steps may seem like many at first, they are easy to do and really don't take much time at all.  Plus, you're going to love it and look forward to it, trust me.  I've put together a beginner's guide to get you started along with some of my favorite products that get real results.

1. CLEANSING OIL -  Mornings are simple, just a splash of cold water or micellar water will refresh your complexion but at night I indulge in a thorough cleanse that releases impurities and rides my face of the day.  Follow up with some micellar water or a second cleanse if you feel your skin needs it.

2. EXFOLIATE - A soft rice-based mechanical (vs. chemical) exfoliator will help to loosen and remove dead skin cells and allow those healthy new glowing cells to shine through.  Along with that, your skin is so much better able to absorb all the skincare goodies you'll be applying next.  Try sticking with this step a few times a week for optimal results.

2.  TONER - Readjusting your skin to its proper pH is essential and a good toner will do exactly that.  

3.  ESSENCE - Rehydrate and soften your skin with the nourishing effects of a luscious essence.  Not only does it make your skin baby smooth, it helps draw every product down deep into the under layers of the skin which is where you need them to reach in order to do their job.  This step is a must-do.

4.  SKIN AMPOULES and SERUMS - When it comes to product efficacy, these two are where it is at. Serums and ampoules contain the most effective ingredients in both the best concentrations and most readily absorbable formulas.  If you had to choose between them and a moisturizer, these powerhouses win hands down.

5. SHEET MASKS & SLEEPING MASKS- Several times a week be sure to treat your face to one of these beauties.  They come in a ton of varieties designed for every skin type and concern.  This is my current favorite.

6. EYE CREAM - Nourish your eye area and give it some extra love with a hydrating, peptide rich eye cream that strengthens and supports the skin's barrier function and improves elasticity.

7.  SKIN OIL - Finish with a luxe skin oil that will seal in all the other nutrients, hydrate your cells and leave you with the famous glass skin glow.

Feeling interested?  I've linked the top sellers for you down below.  Give a couple a try and let me know how much you and your skin love them!