Hi everyone...happy Wednesday!  If there's one thing I love it's taking looks to the next level with the perfect accessories.  Whether it's a beautiful bag, kickin' boots or gorgeous sunnies the right accessory can make a good look great.  For me that piece is currently the newsboy cap.  Yes, I'm definitely a hat person and love a cute beanie, baseball cap or pom pom hat.  This chic little topper, however, is by far my favorite.  I've been wearing my basic black one for years but it seems like the trend has really taken off.  Lately, I've seen them showing up in all colors and fabrics and couldn't be happier.  When I spotted this pretty pink version at the Nsale this summer I immediately scooped it up.  Recently I found this butterscotch option that's perfect for fall.  I also love this sage green one, this leopard print and this red hot cinnamon one.  The more I look the more I find that nearly every color option is now available.  Of course, the classic black is still on major rotation and one I often reach for.  It too has gotten a makeover and now comes in great new fabrics like these here and here.  

I love it when things just work out like that, don't you? Haha.  Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Wednesday.  Stay tuned for more of my beauty faves from the Sephora Beauty Event coming up on Friday!




Photo credits: Harper's Bazaar