Weekend vibes are going strong and bringing with them our favorite time of the week! We all love the weekend for so many wonderful weekends.  I know that for me it's the perfect chance to catch up with friends, spend time enjoying my hobbies, take in some fall fun and perhaps most of all, sleep in.

An extra couple hours of sleep does the mind and body good on so many levels.  From decreasing stress and cortisol levels to enhancing brain receptivity and recharging our cells, beauty sleep is for real.   Our bodies restore and regenerate the most overnight.  This is why the most effective night creams are reserved for the sleeping hours and you should take care to apply your most active ingredients when your skin can most readily receive them.

This eye oil is the perfect example of just that.  Rich with natural retinol. organic oils, this overnight miracle worker is said to give the look of a full night's sleep and is a part of the Clean at Sephora good for you collection.  What you sleep on is also as important as getting enough rest.  This pillowcase is a cult favorite of so many people and once I bought it, I never looked back.  It's silky smooth design is created to banish facial creases and caress your hair overnight.  Bye bye bedhead.  Cozy pjs and fuzzy slippers are two other must-haves for any relaxing weekend.

What about all of you? What are you beauty sleep secrets?  Wishing you a wonderful weekend...thanks for stopping by!