Monday means motivators and so I've rounded up some of my current favorite looks.  These are each far different but still hold one key element in common and that  Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who owns who she is.  Whatever your personal style groove is, it's essential to use what you love to flatter and highlight what you have.  Along with that are some personal tips I'm sharing that I love and live by.  

1.  Choose On Trend over Trendy. It seems like semantics but I find that you can never go wrong embracing looks of the moment when doing it in a classic way that contains elements of you.

2.  Select statement pieces that go the extra mile.  I never mind spending a little more on items the I know I'm going to want to wear and that can be styled in more than one way.  A great statement coat is a perfect example of this.  I love choosing one in a bold color that can be paired with more than half of what my closet holds.  Never regret a smart purchase like this.

3.  Let your casual side shine.  Style doesn't mean always dressed to the nines.  In fact, some of the most stylish women I've seen look best showing off their chic in a great fitting pair of jeans.  Find the style and fit you like best that flatters your shape and wear them everywhere from running errands to casual cocktails.

4.  Embrace white all year round.  I know we're coming up on Labor Day after which point wearing white was once a total no-no.  Well, darling, things have changed and I couldn't be happier.  Don't be afraid to pair whites, creams and ivories with great plaid shirts, tans, blacks and greys come fall and winter.  Love!

How about you? What are some of your favorite style tips that you always swear by to create your own signature on style?  Drop me a note...I'd love to know!