Summer is a fan favorite for so many reasons.  The sun, the surf, lazy days and late nights being but a few.  These very things that make the season so much fun are also the sneaky culprits that can leave our beauty goals hanging on for dear life.  Lucky for us, with just a little planning and a bit of beauty savvy, all is far from lost.  

Just like with so many things in life, protection is the first step towards prevention.  Step number one...always be armed with the best spf protection you can find.  If you've been following me a while you know that this gem is my favorite.  Creamy, smooth and bendable, this ultra hydrating sunscreen keeps my face happy and healthy all year long.  Don't let it go at that, however.  

Always make sure to keep your lips pillowy soft too with a great lip treatment.  This one is super emollient and leaves my lips baby soft with never a flake to be found.  

While daily sudsing on the scalp can strip it of its natural oils and hydration, a once a week wash with a really good scalp scrub will leave your hair shiny, soft and full of bounce.  This one is by far the best I've tried.  Yes, it can be a little pricey but for all the good it does your hair and scalp and for the amount of time will last, it's worth every cent.  

Waking up puffy after a late night and a few too many margaritas?  No problem.  This jade roller is a genius little tool that takes down puffiness and feels like the most incredible facial massage.  Top all things off with a spritz of this and you'll feel like you're having a relaxing day at the beach...even if you're landlocked in the middle of Montana, haha.  Seriously, give it a try.

  I've linked all these beauties for you below.  Treat yourself to the ones that speak to you.

Also friends, tomorrow is the day...the always highly anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins on July 12 online and in store for cardholders.  I will be linking my favorites for fall one it begins and can hardly wait.  There is going to be sooooo much good stuff this year!  One suggestion though, if you see something you want get it in your cart, immediately.  This sale is unlike any other and things are known to sell out in on the first day.  Yes, it's that good, haha.  Until then, have a great one everybody!!