Happy New Year!!! 2018 has such a joyful ring to it and judging by the buzz I'm hearing, we're all in!    While making (or more like keeping!) resolutions may not be many people's thing, the turn of the page signals a clean slate and fresh start.  That's definitely something worth embracing and making the very most out of.  For me, I like to take this time of year to assess and reevaluate what can stay, what must go and what best aligns with accomplishing the new goals I've set for the twelve months ahead.  Self-reflection is a big part of why I look forward to this time each year.  2017 taught me many wonderful things which I will carry with me into the next.  Along with those lessons, I'm also looking forward to continuing several of the good habits I enjoy.  Yoga, barre and spin class are the invigorating ways I love using to refresh my mind and recharge my body.  Inspirational words and personal journaling have been a great creative outlet for channeling my thoughts and giving structure to my ideas.  You'd be amazed how brilliantly our seemingly random thoughts connect!  Cooking and creating fresh meals in my own kitchen has been a passion of mine for the past several years and something I'm eager to delve further into (bringing out the baker inside me even more this year!)  And, along with these tried and trues I'm also really interested in exploring photography.  My iPhone has been a best friend I take along in my pocket, but this beauty has been giving it some serious competition. Haha!  

How about you all?  What's grabbed your attention in this new year?  I hope everyone's 2018 is off to a beautiful start...Cheers to twelve new chapters!