Happy Wednesday everyone!  Christmas is almost here!! Between shopping, wrapping presents, baking sweet surprises and making lots of merry it's so easy to let your usual self-care routines slip away.  With that, it's usually our sleep and skincare routines that take the brunt of it all.  Don't let the hustle and bustle dull your sparkle this season.  Take a moment to review the seven simple keys to skin that glows and you'll be the life of the party (or just the gorgeous beauty your doting sweetie loves, haha!).  The keys are easy to remember and easy to master.  Here's a little cheat sheet to get you glowing all season long...

1. REMOVE THE DAY: Try using a pH balancing oil-based cleanser like this one.
2.  CLEANSE COMPLETELY:  Rejuvenate the dermis and sweep every pore clean with a nifty cleaning device like the Foreo.  Love mine and it left me saying, "Clarisonic who?"
3.  WORK IT OUT:  We exercise our bodies but why not your face?  Facial toning devices can actually do more to strengthen, tighten and lift than any cream or serum alone could ever manage.
4.  RENEW:  As the days, weeks and months turn into years along with them goes our skin's ability to naturally keep up with the cell turnover we had as children.  Honestly, have you ever seen the skin of a seven-year old? Impressive to say the very least.  We can regain some of that momentum and help keep skin firm and supple with the help of retinol and retinol based serums.  These new nonprescription options are far less harsh than their former competitors and can be equally as effective.  If you want a fresh take, give this one a try.  You won't be sorry!
5.  GET GLOWING:  Acids can work incredible wonders when it comes to removing dead skin cells to let your beautiful complexion shine through.  An effective alpha hydroxy acid like this one is a skin sloughing powerhouse.  I love how it naturally and gently removes the glued on dead skin cells that would otherwise dull your natural radiance and keep those pricey serums from fully penetrating.
6.  RESURFACE:  Once those AHAs have done the surface work, turn to the beta hydroxy acids to clean out your pores and keep the underneath layers of your skin clear and smooth.  This one easily melts the glue and sweeps it up and out of those pores. 
7.  HYDRATE AND NOURISH:  Since getting into K beauty I've really come to appreciate how much your skin benefits from a toner and essence following a cleanse.  This hydrating essence is exactly what my skin craves in winter weather.  Equally important is daily use of a really good moisturizer like this luscious dream cream from LXMI.  It hydrates, nourishes and cushions your skin to give it the cold weather protection it needs.

Of course, the addition of a vitamin C serum and daily sun protection are not to be forgotten and are essential to an effective routine.  I've linked a few favorites for you below along with those mentioned above.  Hope you're all having a wonderful pre-Christmas week...just 5 days to go!