Happy Monday!  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine happen to be of the four day variety so that's always extra sweet.  A mix of celebrating friendships, delicious food, Christmas gift planning and a little bit of pre-holiday buzz made for a perfect time.  One thing was certain throughout and that is, it's definitely coat season.  I can't believe how cold it got so quickly!  Lucky for us there are tons of really wonderful options to choose from.  And while I've always been a big fan of sveltely silhouetted styles, I've recently taken a strong liking to some roomier fitting styles.  The teddy bear coat is huge on my radar right now.  This one is a favorite (similar option here).  Fuzzy, cozy and beyond adorable on.  It works great as a topper with both casual as well as more festive outfit options.  Love it.  I'm also eyeing this Topshop bouclĂ© option.  Honestly, how gorgeous is this color?! I think what I love most about these "keep me warm pieces" is that they easily and effortlessly encompass everyone from tomboy to fashionite.  How about you all? Has anyone else already eyed up a cozy coverup for the season?

Have a great start to the week...I think it's going to be a busy one.  Let's meet up on Wednesday to discuss!