Welcome to Monday!  I hope you brought some fun weekend memories with you.  I spent Sunday out in the countryside where it seems autumn was created.  Roadside farmstands, locally grown harvests and hayrides out to the orchards...Isn't October just magical?  From the sights (blazing hills, starry skies and perfect little pumpkin patches) to the smells (sweet apple crisps, savory sage and warm cinnamon spice) everything is so much cozier come fall.  Today's inspiration comes directly from Mother Nature (and my kitchen ;) with colors and fabrics that mimic fall's best.  I don't know about you but I've always loved earthy shades of caramel, smoke, moss and amber.  Not only do they play beautifully together, they also work with nearly every complexion and hair shade out there.  What could be better?  These boots have been a favorite in my closet for a couple of seasons now.  They are luxurious, versatile,  surprising comfortable and offer endless options of how to wear.  A great poncho or shawl is the fall closet's must-have piece.  This one in autumn plaid is perfect with an ivory turtleneck,  these boots, denim and this bag.  Hello cozy chic.  Makeup colors also warm up this time of year.  This palette reflects the season perfectly.  I'm also adoring this lipstick and this fragrance as we speak.  More beautiful options are linked for you below.  

Have a gorgeous day everyone!