Happy Monday all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with your fall favorites.  Isn't October wonderful?!  I think so and I'm a traditional girl who loves the change of seasons and the annual events that come with each.  I also love the classic styles that speak to each one and the icons who've made them famous.  For whatever reason, when fall and winter roll around images of Audrey Hepburn always comes to mind.  From Roman Holiday to Breakfast at Tiffany's she always wore it well.  Today I've put together some of my favorite Audrey-inspired looks that are truly forever chic.  Black is a girl's best friend as it slims and shapes and always works.  This LBD is quintessentially Hepburn and can work for so many occasions.  I love it with a classic black heel and bold red lip.  No additional requirements needed.  That's what I really love about classic glam and classic style in general,  it needs no bells or whistles as it stands effortlessly on its own well-heeled feet.  These and other Audrey-like options are all linked below.  Hope they're just what you're needing right now.  Have a lovely day everyone and thanks so much for joining me!