It's Wednesday and time to get your gym on.  Whereas workouts used to be optional (and a dreaded form of gym class!) they're now a near daily way to energize your body, refresh your mind and bring a glow of health and vitality to your skin.  Gym time offers so much goodness and insanely amazing benefits and comes in such innumerable varieties it'd be nearly impossible not to find a routine you love that works for you.  The same should be true for your workout wear.  Today I'm sharing a few of my much loved picks that I enjoy sporting to barre class (my favorite!) and beyond.  Let's begin with a great wrap top.  This one is one size that fits easily and is the perfect color to mix and match with all your other workout pieces.  It's cute and flattering and never looks like it came out of your brother's gym bag.  Pretty and supportive bra tops are a must for anyone wanting to look cute and feel confident.  This one is perfect for that and I love the strap detailing.  Has anyone seen all the yoga pant options out there lately?  Oh my goodness how far they've come!  What was once a choice of "black or grey sweatpants only" has beautifully bloomed into patterns, prints and textures for all.  Lululemon has probably what I consider to be the best selection but their prices can be rather steep.  Other great options can found here, here and here.  Be sure to check them out.  More fun ideas are linked for you below...Which body beautiful class will you be wearing them to?